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Shelves of classics organized by time periods and topics. I'll be working on reading and reviewing them with a one word/one sentence summary, book history, and topics to think about.

Progress Update: Starting Next Book

Chaos: Making a New Science - James Gleick

Well, I've picked my next book off my Great Works planning-to-read shelf. I give you: Chaos - Making a New Science by James Gleick


Not gonna lie, I chose this book because when I showed my dad my shelf he quickly pointed out Chaos was really good. He then showed me his old copy. It's clear this book has been loved to death. I don't think a single page is still stuck to the binding. But they're all in order and carefully stacked. My dad's not the kind of person to write in a book, but if he was I can guarantee this book would be covered in notes. I can't wait to read a book that my dad loves so much!